What Is So Special About the Services You Deliver?

In fact, we provide a large assortment of academic services: formatting, proofreading, referencing, essay writing, structuring and others. It’s quite comfortable, as you can find any help you may need while coping with your essays at one spot.


Besides, EssayForMe.com is the place, where decent prices, nice quality and utmost customization are successfully combined.

What about my deadline? Will you be able to meet it?

Sure thing, we will! We’ve already supplied thousands of us students with great meaty papers on time! Even very urgent orders aren’t a problem for us. However, you shouldn’t procrastinate with placing your order, as the earlier you address us for assistance, the sooner you’ll get it!

Can I choose the writer for my order?

Usually, our capable admins find and assign writers for your orders, but as we are a customer-oriented service, we give you such an opportunity. If you like the writer you’ve been working with, of course, you can ask us to assign it for your further orders as well.

How Can I know my paper will be really free from plagiarism?

Everything is simple. Every essay you order at our site is verified thoroughly for plagiarism by our specialists from QAD department. It’s their daily job to monitor the writing process and control its quality. They can even send you a free plagiarism report to boost your confidence that your paper is 100% fresh.

How are you going to protect my confidentiality?

Indeed, we offer you 100% privacy guarantee that implies EssayForMe.com never divulge either your personal or financial data with any third parties. We don’t share your personal details even with the assigned writer for your order! We do care for your confidentiality!

How can I place my order and pay for it?

There is nothing complicated when it comes to placing order at EssayForMe.com. Everything is intuitive and even if you a first time customer, it won’t be difficult for you to place your order. Simply, click an order button or an order page in our main menu and fill in all the required fields of our order form. As for methods of payment, we accept all the major types of credit cards (Visa, MasterCard)

Can I control the writing process and how?

Of course, you can! We even encourage our customers to track their orders. You can do this by logging into your account and checking the status of your order. Besides, you are more than welcome to communicate with your writer via e-mail or message board. Choose the most convenient way for you, get in touch with him/he and discuss any points of your order with him/her.

What about your prices?

As for the prices for our services, you can easily calculate them with the help of our specially worked out price tables. Enter all the details of your order in the corresponding fields and the total price will appear in a separate field. Very comfortable!

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